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6x24 Field Tile

24x24 Intreccio Framed Herringbone Deco

6x24 Inserted Metal Dot Deco




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SF or PC per Carton

6" x 24" Porcelain Field Tile Full Carton 13.77 sf
6" x 24" Porcelain Deco Piece 6 pcs
24" x 24" Porcelain Deco Piece 1 pc
3" x 24" Porcelain Bullnose Piece 20 pcs


Technical Information

PEI: IV  (what's this?)

Shade Variation: VHSV  (what's this?)

Coefficient of Friction:   Wet >     Dry >    (what's this?)


* Size listed are nominal, not actual. Actual size may vary by up to 1/2".

Items may be available via Special Order.


INSTALLATION NOTE: Due to its typical strip shape, with extremely long sides and straightened edges, this material requires particular care and attention during installation. We recommend at least 2mm joints and that regular checks are made to ensure the entire laying surface is flat. The best-looking end results are achieved by laying the tiles staggered by one third of the length. No claims will be honored after installation.


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