Sequoyah Sun Rocks

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Recycled with approximately 36% Post-Consumer Content

Contributes to LEED MR Credits, 4.1, 4.2 and possibly 5.1


3x6, 6x6, 12x12, 18x18 Porcelain Field Tile

2x2 Mosaic

2x2 Multicolor Mosaic




Sold By

SF or PC per Carton

3" x 6" Porcelain Tumbled Field Tile Piece 40 pcs
6" x 6" Porcelain Field Tile Full Carton 10 sf
12" x 12" Porcelain Field Tile Full Carton 15 sf
18" x 18" Porcelain Field Tile Full Carton 18 sf
2" x 2" Porcelain Mosaic Piece (12" x 12" Sheet) 10 pcs
3" x 12" Porcelain Bullnose Piece 40 pcs


Technical Information

PEI:  IV  (what's this?)

Shade Variation: MSV  (what's this?)

Coefficient of Friction:   Wet > .60    Dry > .7   (what's this?)


* Size listed are nominal, not actual. Actual size may vary by up to 1/2".

Items may be available via Special Order.


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