Turkish Travertine Pearl

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! Important Information regarding Natural Stone


4x4, 6x6 Tumbled Stone

3x6 Tumbled Stone

2x2 Tumbled Mosaics

2x12 Ogee Chair Rail

1x12 Baccello Liner




Sold By

SF or PC per Carton

3" x 6" Tumbled Full Carton 11.6564 sf
4" x 4" Tumbled Full Carton 5.3820 sf
6" x 6" Tumbled Full Carton 10.6564 sf
2" x 2" Tumbled Mosaics Piece (12" x 12" Sheet) 11 pcs
1" x 12" Liner Piece 60 pcs
2" x 12" Rail Piece 32 pcs


Technical Information

PEI: N/A  (what's this?)

Shade Variation: VHSV  (what's this?)

Coefficient of Friction:   Wet >      Dry >   (what's this?)


* Size listed are nominal, not actual. Actual size may vary by up to 1/2".

Items may be available via Special Order.


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